Hi, I'm Sydney.

I was born and raised in Peoria, Arizona. I am the baby of the family as the youngest of my two siblings. Growing up, I was always handed the camera each vacation to document our adventures. Many of our home videos are compilations of my video recordings of sisterly dance performances or "daily vlogs". It was only natural of me to follow this path and become a full-time digital creative.

The heart of my photography work lies in portraiture. Capturing candid moments is an endlessly rewarding experience for both me and the subjects. While in college, I have developed an avid interest in graphic design work and motion/video. The possibilities for digital creativity are endless, and I am grateful for the experience and knowledge I gained through my photography education. Shooting with natural light, studio lighting, on-location lighting, as well as extensive retouching practice has equipped me with all of the skills I need as a photographer.

Apart from my photographer-persona, I find joy in many other aspects of my life. I would consider myself a certified Crazy Cat Lady. I have two kitties, Blueberry and Muffin! I enjoy reading and journalling, as well as watching movies (specifically Harry Potter). While I do love the beach, I love the mountains just a little more-- if only the bugs would leave me alone!

Photographer & Digital Creative


I graduated in May of 2023 from Rochester Institue of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photographic Arts and Sciences: Visual Media, and a minor in marketing. I have been freelancing professionally as a portrait photographer for 5 years.